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All You Need to Know About the Difference Between Body Oil and Body Lotion

19th Jul 2022

All You Need to Know About the Difference Between Body Oil and Body Lotion

Body oil and body lotion are massive for getting smoother and softer skin. However, the significance of keeping your skin moisturized goes beyond its feel and appearance. Moisturizing matters for your skin health and overall health. When you need to choose a body oil or lotion you may wonder which skin care product will work best? Knowing the difference between body oil and body lotion can make it easier to offer your skin what it requires.

The Difference Between Body Oil and Body Lotion

What is Body oil?
Body oil is primarily made up of oil. Oil is occlusive. An occlusive makes a physical barrier on the skin’s surface to protect transepidermal water loss on the surface of your skin, which commonly appears as moisturizing ingredients. Oil can function as an emollient, meaning soother or softener. If you lack water in your skin’s top layer, it can flake and crack. Flakes or cracks can leave spaces among skin cells. The application of an emollient fills those spaces through fatty substances, called lipids, for a soothing and softening effect. Body oil is thicker than body lotion and it doesn’t spread easily. Therefore, the oil might have a harder time getting into those spaces.

What is Body lotion?
The body lotion is predominantly a combination of emollient ingredients. However, many body lotions contain occlusive ingredients, like oil, to offer the best of both worlds. A body lotion has a more lightweight formula, which you typically will find easier to spread. Also, body lotion has an effective penetration than a body oil. Therefore, you feel the typical softening and calming effects immediately when you apply it to dry and tight skin. In fact, Terraform Brands have Calming Body Lotion for you to experience ultimate relaxation and smooth, silky skin. 

The Difference Between a Body Oil and Body Lotion
Both skin care products are meant for skin moisturizing; but what’s the key difference between body oil and body lotion? Body oils are used to reintroduce moisture to the skin. They deeply penetrate the skin and impact moisture levels. Whereas body lotions are available in various forms. They are applied to target specific concerns.
The other most important difference lies in both products’ ingredient composition. Body oils are composed of vegetables and nuts like coconut, almond, avocado, jojoba, etc. While lotions are composed of two types— oil-in-water or water-in-oil. Both are designed to moisturize or hydrate the skin.

When to Apply Body Oil
It's all about timing. Due to their occlusive nature, oils will work better on wet skin (since it locks in water). Therefore, the answer for when to apply body oil is after showering. Try Ultra Hydrating Body Oil and you will see instant and outstanding results. 

When to Apply Body Lotion
Like body oil, body lotions are effective on damp skin. You can choose to use body lotion over oil if your skin skews dry. Using body lotion post-shaving is also an answer for when to apply body lotion as it can prevent the freshly exposed skin from getting dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is lotion or oil better for the body?
Both body lotion and body oil serve the same purpose, skin hydration. However, it all depends on your specific needs and preferences. 

Are body oil and lotion the same?
There is a slight difference. Body oil is heavier and thicker than body lotion. It makes a barrier on the skin’s outer layer that helps to retain moisture. The body lotion is lightweight and is manufactured with a thinner formula. It can soften and soothe dry skin.

Should I put on lotion or oil first?
Body oil is the heaviest or a dense product in your skincare routine. It can penetrate your lotion and allow it to reach your skin. So, it’s advisable to use body oil first and then body lotion.

Can you use body oil and lotion?
A hydrating body lotion applied to dry skin is a more lightweight product whereas body oil is thicker and more occlusive. Layer body oil on top of your body lotion, In short, to keep skin hydrated, use body oil and lotion together by way of a lotion sandwich.